The Headmaster


Jared Anthony McNeil-Smith has spent his life teaching and coaching students of all ages in the Martial Arts, Weaponry, and Life Development.  From a background in Psychology (Behavior Analysis—Spiritual Counseling—Youth Leadership) and Theology (Philosophy—Apologetics), he brings a unique and Holistic emphasis to Martial Art training. 

After serving a decade as Senior Instructor and Leadership Director at his Master’s martial arts school in Rancho Bernardo, Master Smith directed his experience toward the formation of his own academy of martial arts. The goal of which, is to unite a holistic approach to growth that could be instilled in students from the ground up.  And so… CrossSwords Combat Academy was founded in the Fall of 2018!  It continues to be Master Smith’s deepest joy to bring his love of The Way to each generation of Knights-in-training, sharpening their souls through its teachings. 


To Seek The Way

Has always been my goal.

Life can be a battle, and that’s what we’re preparing for.  The warrior is best set for the battle when they are most at rest within themselves.  The path of the Sword is one of working together, myself and you, to make you the best you can be.

As a student of The Way, a decade of teaching martial arts and life-development skills has convinced me that the ancient arts always should have been Holistic in their approach.  This took change from the “ground up.”

Life Coaching needs tangible access to individuals’ actions in order to be effective.  Martial Arts needs better access to individuals’ character in order to change lives.  Combining these approaches systematically, It is my belief that the CrossSwords Way represents the true Way: a system not merely sustaining or defending life, but advancing it into limitless growth. 

I once had a dream that I stood before a great many people, all armed with swords of various kinds and ready for battle.  As I drew closer, I realized they held not swords, but their own Souls.  I realized my mission in life was to train young teens into strong young men & women.  And then I would turn those men and women into Knights.  That’s what CrossSwords is all about… it’s about training Knights.

My ambition for CrossSwords to create a place for kids like me — where we train martial arts not just for the value of fitness (though swordsmanship takes great physicality) nor of self defense (Though all our Knights go through competency requirements in hand-to-hand combat).  Instead, the goal is the enjoyment of the Sword itself.  The end goal  is to fellowship together in something good, timeless, and noble — as when Knighthood was yet in flower.

And that is a powerful thing.

I hope you’ll join us…

Come Find Rest &