18698063_735347846637755_1210385228907351438_nJared Anthony McNeil-Smith has spent his life teaching and coaching children, teens, and adults in the Martial Arts, Weapons, and Life Development.  As a Behavior Technician, LayCounselor, and Sunday Youth Teacher, he brings an unique emphasis on a tangible sense of change and growth, mixed with heightening his students understanding of personality, goal-orientation, the soul, ethics, and philosophy.  

Additionally, he has taught Self-Defense and the Arts, through various Karate Clubs, having served as Head Instructor at a Rancho Bernardo Martial Arts School since 2010. 
Through this time he has personally coached thousands of students toward goals in Martial Arts, as well as created and taught Leadership programs at used to build up future generations of Instructors in those schools. 
Since forming CrossSwords in fall of 2018, Headmaster Jared has brought all three of his primary competencies (Soul Coaching & Leadership, Swordsmanship, and Martial Arts Instruction) under the single heading of Knighthood training and fostered an environment where the next generation of Knights could find a place to be poured into, trained up well, and encouraged in nobility to lead others around them sacrificially.



My name is Jared.
Let’s talk Swords, Samurai, and Nobility.

So you’ve always seen those films.  You felt drawn to something in them: the Samurai, the Jedi, Knights of old, warriors and swordsman.
You’ve seen them and thought: “wow, I’d love to learn that.  But where do I start, though?  Where?”

I’ve spent my life studying all I could in the Sword & the Martial Arts.  I’ve spent my life asking big questions and hunting down answers in my own soul, and from those wiser than myself.
If you’re anything like me, then you’ve been looking for a place just like this.   I know.  Because I searched for it too.
Then I realized it needed to be made.
That’s how CrossSwords was born.

My Mission

I once has a dream that I stood before a great number of young men and women, all armed with swords of various kinds and ready for battle.  But as I drew closer to them, I realized they held not swords, but other tools for their careers and for use in service of others.  It was then that I realized my mission in life was to train teen boys and girls into strong young men and women.  And then I would turn those strong men and women into Knights.  Thats what CrossSwords is about then… it’s about training Knights.

CrossSwords is that inspirational feeling in your gut that you sense from the legend and the epic, from the grand story and the heroes in them – If you feel that, then this is for you.  If you ask yourself: “where can I strive alongside others toward nobility, strength of character, and studying the sword traditions of old?”
This is for you.

It’s a question of grandeur, and of finding a transcendent understanding of purpose in the world, attaching itself to the fantastic – something is missing in the pragmatic practices of today.  Something in the Sword contains mythological power of purpose.  And a sense of purpose and goals is critical for health of mind and spirit. 

With CrossSwords it was my ambition to create a place for kids like me — where we train martial arts not just for the value of fitness (though swordsmanship takes great physicality) nor of self defense (Though all our Knights go through competency requirements in hand-to-hand combatives).

Instead, the goal is the enjoyment of the Sword itself.  The end goal  is to fellowship together in something good, timeless, and noble — as when Knighthood was yet in flower.

And that is a powerful thing.

I hope you’ll join me 🙂

Come Find Rest


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