Finding “The CrossSwords Way”

There’s something magical about swords.  They have both the realism of combat about them, yet also an aura of fantastic and ancient things.  There’s something powerful in fellowship too – when young men and women get together and have good, real, conversations with adults about growth and nobility… magic happens there too.

The CrossSwords Way was founded on a vision.  There should be a place in the modern day, where teens and adults can be called up to something greater than themselves, and yet also work with their hands toward real tangible goals.  CrossSwords unites what two elements defined the Knights of Old: Swordsmanship and true Honor & Chivalry

The great crossover

A conviction formed through over a decade of coaching kids of all ages in martial arts & also spiritual, mental, life challenge issues (in both dojos & churches) and it is this: true transformative change occurs through enduring connection built one on one, yet then worked out through shared experience.
At CrossSwords the idea is to find a crossover between the Cross (that is love) and the Sword (those are challenges we face). Where these two meet is real change. Where these two meet is real growth, and real transformative power.

Sometimes it takes a village.

Every parent knows the struggle.  Often having an adult outside of themselves to encourage a child to noble action and growth can be a powerful instrument in their lives for development and change!

For my preteen & teen kids, weapon training functions as what engages them — everyone wants to be a Knight, a Samurai, and a Warrior.  But it’s also what bonds us.  It’s the experience we share.  Through training — friendship and trust are built.  There is a camaraderie, which develops between teacher and student, when personal growth is not the destination but is simply along for the ride. 

True personal change often happens when you’re not looking at it. 
So first we look at the Sword.

My student and I spend time learning how to hold one, swing and strike with one, to manage stick fighting and weapons combat!  Then, before either of us know it, something changes.

Now when we hang out just to work on homework, or talk about struggles with friends at school, and siblings, or obedience, or depression, or aspirations… things are different.  Now the transformative change can really start!  Here the discipleship and life coaching really begins.  Now we can just hang out, without the apparent gap between child and adult, or teacher and student.  It’s that connection which is foundational to mentorship.  I’ve seen the power of reckless grace to change a person, rather than reproach or mere command.

That is love.  That is the Cross.
That is true power.

The Sword works to shatter the barrier that keeps wisdom from youth — so that
The Cross can do its work of loving sacrificially through time, counsel, and care.

For adults, weapons operate similarly: it’s REALLY fun to sword fight and learn how to spin and strike with a Staff, Nunchaku, Tonfa, etc!  So, whether you’re looking for a Life Coach to help develop action-oriented goals for yourself, a chance to get out and swing a sword around and feel legendary, or both — CrossSwords Adults enjoy it all.  The battle takes time and work, careful training and practice.  That goes for Battles sword-to-sword, and the ones we fight in life as well.

We need to learn who we are (what beliefs in our past may be limiting to our mental and emotional growth) to through time and good conversation we work on them in light of grace and grow toward our fullest joy.  We need good friendships.

When relationships are built through common goals, and further when those goals are external to our growth, that is where growth can truly occur.  We need to strive… in our rest upon grace.  There we can rest.  There we can enjoy.  There we can grow.  There we truly live.

The CrossSwords Way.