Students of the CrossSwords Way train toward excellence in all three wings of the academy: Soul Coaching, Self-Defense, and Swordsmanship.
SWORDSMANSHIP represents the development and appreciation of skills of the ancient, mythologically potent, and deadly graceful art of the Sword. 

As an essential part of their Knighthood training, students of the CrossSwords Way learn the disciplines of martial arts weaponry. Swinging swords and Spears around can not only offer great exercise, but allows or members to engage with something tangible and real that is united with traditions ancient, mythic, and of tremendous meaning. It’s also, of course, extremely fun!


You will Learn:

    • This unique style of weapons arts was developed by Headmaster Jared Smith. Influenced by many of the techniques which members also train in rounded isolation, Cruciform Swordsmanship is an entirely “New Way” that encompasses and exceeds a long history of Sword and weapons combat.
  • Kenjitsu Swordsmanship
    • Japanese swords arts specialized for use of the Katana
  • Armazaré Swordmanship
    • Italian (& also some German) sword arts incorporating many weapons, primarily Longsword, Dual Weaponry, & Dagger.
  • Quarter Staff & Bo Staff
    • Long Wooden Blunt object weapon training used as a foundation for movements, and branching into training for Polearms, such as Halberds and Spears.
  • Nunchaku, Escrima, Sai, Tonfa, Knife, Blades of all various kinds, and more…!

All Weapons Training incorporates heavy practice (with hardwood training weapons), Sparring and Drilling, Forms & Combative Practice, and eventually graduating into Steel at higher levels.

Want to train like the ancient Samurai, Knights, and Warriors? Come learn the Way!