As part of Knighthood training, full CrossSwords Way students complete certification in hand-to-hand combatives essential for the gaining of confidence in life situations based in a real competence to handle oneself.

Headmaster Smith has over a decade of experience coaching people of all levels and ages toward growth in this area, and has developed the Street-Certified Martial Combat Technician program as a way to build the core essentials of self defense and the martial arts taken from a variety of sources the world over.


  • Effective Full-Body Striking
    • Powerful Elbows & Hands
    • Integrative Knees, Kicks, & more
  • Structural Competency
    • Movement Principles & Footwork
    • Terrain Awareness & Utilization
    • Stability, Spacing, & Jamming
    • Angling & Counter Attacking
  • Close-Quarters Combat
    • Grappling, Takedowns, Ground Defense
  • Proactive Mental Training
    • Combat Readiness, Aggression Preparedness, Explosive Twitch.
  • and more

If you are looking to protect yourself, and want the real skills to have a confidence based in reality, members who complete a SC-MCT are recognized as having passes a “Black Belt” level of competency in hand-to-hand martial art combat techniques.

Build street-certified skills. Develop real confidence. Protect yourself and others.

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