Students of the CrossSwords Way train toward excellence in all three wings of the academy: Soul Coaching, Self-Defense, and Swordsmanship.

SELF-DEFENSE represents a complete certification in hand-to-hand combatives essential for the gaining of confidence in life situations based in a real competence to handle oneself in self defense. 

CrossSwords students engage with the core essentials of self defense and the martial arts taken from a variety of sources the world over.  The focus of our training is to develop individuals who are capable of defending themselves in any situation, though through awareness and maturity are never called upon to harm another person.
At its core, CrossSwords Combat Academy is essentially pacifistic, believing that violence is harmful to both the object and the subject of it. However, we do still believe in the essential value of individuals becoming dangerous though training – a Knight in the Way is a soul who is dangerous and yet does no harm.


  • Effective Full-Body Striking
    • Powerful Elbows & Hands
    • Integrative Knees, Kicks, & more
  • Structural Competency
    • Movement Principles & Footwork
    • Terrain Awareness & Utilization
    • Stability, Spacing, & Jamming
    • Angling & Counter Attacking
  • Close-Quarters Combat
    • Grappling, Takedowns, Ground Defense
  • Proactive Mental Training
    • Combat Readiness, Aggression Preparedness, Explosive Twitch.
    • Mindfulness Training, Emotional Discipline  
  • and more

Be ready, in the course of your training, to be challenges to grow: in mind, body, and spirit. In the process of self-defense training each individual will certainly encounter the need to expand how the think, to strengthen their body for the fight, and to master their spirits to overcome!
The Ruby wing is all about the real skills to have a confidence based in reality.

Build street-certified skills.
Develop real confidence.
Protect yourself and others.