Soul Coaching

Students of the CrossSwords Way train toward excellence in all three wings of the academy: Soul Coaching, Self-Defense, and Swordsmanship.

SOUL COACHING represents the spiritual counseling, life coaching, and mentorship associated with fostering a harmony of Mind-Body-Spirit in our members.  Through training disciplines of mindfulness, breathing, and spiritual virtues, the whole Soul is drawn into clarity, balance, and joy. 

LifeCoaching and Counseling forms a core fundamental component of CrossSwords belief.  Headmaster Jared Smith’s background in Behavior Analysis, Counseling Psychology, Ministry, and Mentorship plays strongly into his belief that developing the whole person (the Soul) comes as a result of working through one’s aptitudes and areas of competence, alongside accepting responsibility over aspects of ourselves things that challenge and frighten us. By taking ownership for growth in this way, the individual is empowered through grace to striving for excellence, truth, and beauty in their lives.
At CrossSwords Combat Academy, our students ranks and progression are marked by seasons of being poured into by a teacher (discipleship), coming alongside others in practice and communion (fellowship), and finally turning back to take on an apprentice of their own and pass on what they’ve learned (mentorship). In these three arenas, we grow and nurture the whole soul.

While members of the full CrossSwords Way engage with these as part of their Knighthood training, this particular training is also offered to adults and teens on its own in the form of one-on-one coaching sessions.

If you or your teen are looking for direction in life, to gain perspective, to discover a sense of purpose and growth, and want to take tactile steps to “taking the reigns” of their lives toward self-betterment, Spiritual Counseling from a framework of this Way is also available to those who may be seeking it aside from the Martial Arts. Please visit for more information on finding rest for you soul.