House Cup: wk4-5 Standings

As we move into the second month of the Summer, the points are ramping up as the three Houses compete for supremacy. Check out the latest update on points as July begins this week!

214 pts
236 pts
288 pts

House Cup: wk3 Standings

Things are heating up in this season’s House Cup! Knights from both our adult and teens programs are working as one to bring honor to their CrossSwords House. Here are our current point standings!

40 pts
72 pts
78 pts

House Cup: wk2 Standings

These knights of the Way are battling out for honor and glory! Check out this update of our 2020 Summer Fellowship House Cup 👊⛩⚔️💯⤵️

22 pts
30 pts
29 pts


Hey CrossSwords Friends & Family!

⚔️ IT IS TIME ⚔️
Saturday October 12th marks the arrival of CrossSwords FELLOWSHIP, our kick-off group class for teens.  This is also our celebration of CrossSwords turning 1 year old!

Know any teens ages 10-17? Invite them to this free event: Sword drills, games, & growing in the pillars of knighthood.
[3-5 PM, RB Rec. Center Classroom#1]

It’s time to join the fellowship.
It’s time to sharpen your soul.

See you all there!