House Cup: FINAL standings (wk12)

The results are in folks! After three months of hard won glory for our respective houses, it came down to a final day of tournaments, duels, and competitions in the spirit of knightly combat.
Points were close and spirits were high, until the final stroke found HOUSE ARDENT to take the Fellowship House Cup, and become the newly appointed REIGNING CHAMPIONS until our next season in the Winter.
Congratulations to the Fiery Vipers, and battle well-fought to Wisdom and Virtue. Everyone showed themselves a knight of the Way this Summer!

1,826 pts

1,751 pts
1,898 pts

House Cup: wk11 Standings

We are here: the last week of the 2020 Summer Season for the FELLOWSHIP HOUSE CUP! Being the case, today is the last reveal of current house point standings until after this week, the final week, has concluded. Buckle up, everyone – it’s a race to the finish!

1,231 pts

1,260 pts
1,303 pts

House Cup: wk10 Standings

The countdown begins! With the end of the Summer season only two weeks away, this week is our SPIRIT week with extra point bonuses for showing House loyalty in Discipleship AND Fellowship sessions. Next week if our final week of the Summer packed with loads of competitions and trials ahead!

1,006 pts

952 pts
1,028 pts

House Cup: wk9 Standings

We are in the final month of the Summer season! With only 3 weeks left, house members are closing the gaps that have kept the lead since the beginning, as points begin to spike in their intensity. Anything can happen as the Summer draws to a close…

930 pts

872 pts
948 pts

House Cup: wk8 Standings

As we move into August, things are heating up in our House Cup. Look out for a new video on our Insta highlighting some of these recent points and winnings between our members!

689 pts

729 pts
813 pts

House Cup: wk6 Standings

Nearly halfway through the Summer Season, and Wisdom has closed the gap, as both It and Virtue sneak up behind House Ardent which has maintained the lead for the past 3 weeks. In the second half of the season, as already witnessed yesterday, greater quantities of points are being awarded via competition, tournament, and duel. Stay tuned!

364 pts
361 pts
448 pts

House Cup: wk4-5 Standings

As we move into the second month of the Summer, the points are ramping up as the three Houses compete for supremacy. Check out the latest update on points as July begins this week!

214 pts
236 pts
288 pts

House Cup: wk3 Standings

Things are heating up in this season’s House Cup! Knights from both our adult and teens programs are working as one to bring honor to their CrossSwords House. Here are our current point standings!

40 pts
72 pts
78 pts

House Cup: wk2 Standings

These knights of the Way are battling out for honor and glory! Check out this update of our 2020 Summer Fellowship House Cup 👊⛩⚔️💯⤵️

22 pts
30 pts
29 pts