Fellowship (Class) Schedule

6:00—6:45 PM1° Fellowship2° Fellowship
6:45—7:30 PMSenior FellowshipSenior Fellowship

Fellowships are CrossSwords group-class sessions. All Fellowships are invitation-only classes. Incoming students begin their training in Discipleship sessions (one-on-one private instruction), and then graduate into Fellowship training when ready for the new challenges of competition and application of their techniques!

(For questions regarding you or your child’s Discipleship schedule, please reach out directly to their Teacher.)

Types of Fellowship Classes:

1° Fellowship (1st Degree): an introductory, technical training class. Students may be invited to a first degree class at any time in their training journey after reaching the 1st Degree rank (of Novice).

2° Fellowship
(2nd Degree): an intermediate, application focused class. Students are eligible to receive an invitation any time after reaching the 2nd Degree ranks (of Paige & Apprentice).

Senior Fellowship (3rd – 5th Degrees): an advanced class, focused on heavier sparring, more demanding philosophy, and hand to hand combat arts. Students are only invited to this class sometime after attaining a 3° rank (of Squire & Herald) and continue training here as a 4° (Warden & Vanguard) and 5° (Knight & Master) ranks.

Note: As students continue to advance, they are encouraged and able to attend all classes available to them to refresh their skills. Our seniors often train at all classes available to them each week, in addition to their Discipleship lessons.

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