The Headmaster


Jared Anthony McNeil-Smith has spent his life teaching and coaching students of all ages in the Martial Arts, Weaponry, and Life Development

He brings together a life of experience in mixed-martial arts, weapons, and swordsmanship together with his background in Psychology (behavior analysis, spiritual Counseling, & youth leadership) and Theology (philosophy & apologetics) to create a unique martial art academy: one which has in view the holistic growth of its students: to become people of nobility.

After serving for a decade as Senior Instructor and Leadership Director at his Master’s martial arts school in Rancho Bernardo, Master Smith directed his experience toward the formation of a new kind of academy for martial arts. The goal of which, was to train students in living the noble life. And so…  CrossSwords Combat Academy was founded in the Fall of 2018!  It continues to be Master Smith’s deepest joy to bring his love of The Way to each generation of Knights-in-training, sharpening their souls through its teachings.