At CrossSwords Battle School, members train holistically: exercising mind, body, and spirit, to bring the whole united being into balance.
We call this:
The Sharpening of the Soul.”
We call our method:
The CrossSwords Way.

The CrossSwords Way is a  martial arts system unlike others found today.  Without compromise, we endeavor to train holistically: that is disciplining all aspects of our members.
>> Integrating a mixture of modern & medieval swordsmanship, students strive with fervency of spirit.
>> Training self-defense combatives, we temper the body from any hindrances of fear & self-preservation.
>> Exercising mental faculties through the art of conversation and debate, members generate a sense of candor, charisma in exchanging ideas and controlling their minds.

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Our curriculum has a triform composition of:
Swordsmanship (a neat fusion of contemporary sword and medieval weapons martial arts: katanas, longswords, knife & short blade work, bo-staff, pole arms, stick fighting, and countless others)
Self-Defense Combat (developing competencies in hand-to-hand arts through boxing, kickboxing, grappling, and physical endurance), and
Soul Coaching (a holistic approach to spiritual mentorship, mindfulness training, and life coaching, the integrates our schools: Principles of Nobility:  which accord with virtue of action, wisdom of thought, and ardent conviction.)

All together,  CrossSwords members are equipped not only to protect themselves, but to build a life on a sure foundation for success.  They are empowered to take charge of their lives, build a sense of grounded strength, and foster a greater meaning through taking personal responsibility and growing in grace.  Students strive, not just for belts and awards, but for excellence of their whole self.  They seek to live a life of Knighthood and Nobility, in everything they do.

We are CrossSwords Battle School.
We train the CrossSwords Way.

What a CrossSwords Black Belt (a Knight) looks like: is a man or woman of heroic courage, gracious humility, disciplined convictions, and integrity of character.  They are excellent in self-defense, but more importantly excellent in self-transcendence.  Hence, the way to Knighthood is not only in steel or in spirit but with the whole self: the whole soul.

That’s what CrossSwords is all about: sword fighting & good conversations.

Come and

Sharpen Your Soul.