Our Mission:
Sharpen Your Soul

Our Method:
The CrossSwords Way
CrossSwords Battle School is a private academy focused on applying holistic disciplines which temper a complete individual: Mind, Body, & Spirit.
This harmony guides members to develop 2 crucial traits:
1. Temperance within Self &
2. Balance with the World
It’s by training a tempered harmony of the Spirit with Discipline, the Body with Courage, and the Mind with Grace, that empowers our members to take charge of their lives, build a sense of grounded confidence, and foster a greater purpose through personal responsibility and growth.

We are CrossSwords Battle School.
We train the CrossSwords Way.

img_0863**See our Programs page for More information each Wing of our School!**

Our curriculum has a triform composition of:
Swordsmanship (weapons martial arts training including, katanas, long swords, knife & short blade work, bo-staff, pole arms, stick fighting, and countless others)
Self-Defense Combat (developing competencies in hand-to-hand arts through boxing, kickboxing, grappling, and physical endurance), and
Soul Coaching (a holistic approach to spiritual mentorship, mindfulness training, and life coaching).
Together we call this


What a CrossSwords Black Belt (a Knight) looks like: is a man or woman of heroic courage, gracious humility, disciplined convictions, and integrity of character.  They are excellent in self-defense, but more importantly excellent in self-transcendence.  Hence, the way to Knighthood is not only in steel or in spirit but with the whole self: the whole soul.

That’s what CrossSwords is all about: sword fighting & good conversations.  

Come and

Sharpen Your Soul.