Through Samurai & Knightly Sword arts, we empower members to transform their lives. 

This is
The CrossSwords Way

CrossSwords Battle School is a martial arts academy focusing on principles of character development and martial weaponry. Our curriculum has a triform composition: of swordsmanship, self defense combat, and soul coaching. Together we call this KNIGHTHOOD.

  • medieval swordsmanship (this is not your modern sport fencing, no sir. Members train real old-school sword fighting. Taking from ancient systems across the globe such as Kenjutsu, Armazaré, and more, we bring a totally unique style of the complete sword: longsword, katana, rapier, dao, jian, gladius, broadsword, and other weaponry such as staffs, polearms, shields, and short blades.)
  • hand-to-hand combat (similar to its swordsmanship, CrossSwords martial combat takes from a wide background of styles and adds to this its own foundations and form to make a unique system focusing on “Street-Certified” competencies. With a CrossSwords martial combat platform, members are able to apply techniques from: Boxing/kickboxing, MuayThai, JuJitsu, TaeKwonDo, WingChun, and various other self-defense disciplines.)
  • Soul Coaching (At CrossSwords, throughout the process of training our bodies we also engage in training our minds.  The CrossSwords Way SoulCoaching involves a process of life goal-orientation and development of balanced virtuous aptitudes. These include developing: Adamance with Humility, Transcendent Causes with Eminent Care for others, and Evenness of Mind with Joy. Through approaching philosophy, theology, and ethics in a similar way to the Sword, students train the expansion of their mental-emotional-relational faculties right alongside their martial arts.)

What a CrossSwords Black Belt (a Knight) looks like: is a man or woman of heroic confidence, gracious humility, zealous virtue, and strength of character.  They are excellent in self-defense, but more importantly excellent in self-assurance. Hence, the way to Knighthood is not only in steel or in spirit but with the whole self, the whole soul.

That’s what CrossSwords is all about: sword fighting & good conversations.  

Come and
Sharpen your soul.