At CrossSwords Combat Academy, martial art training is about the development of nobility.  We believe that one who wins the fight within themselves, can never be defeated.
Through a holistic approach —discipleship in sword arts, fellowship in the disciplines of combat, and mentorship in spiritual growth— we train to sharpen your soul: mind, body, and spirit.
This is what we mean by training holistically.  Exercising mind, body, and spirit, in unison  brings the whole united being of a person into balance.
We call this:
The Sharpening of the Soul.”
We call our method:
The CrossSwords Way.


The CrossSwords Way is a  martial arts system unlike others found today.  Without compromise, we endeavor to train holistically: disciplining all aspects of our members.  Integrating a mixture of modern & medieval swordsmanship, students strive with fervency of spirit.  Training self-defense combatives, we temper the body from any hindrances of fear & self-preservation.  Exercising mental faculties through the art of conversation and debate, members generate a sense of candor, charisma in exchanging ideas and controlling their minds.

Our members are equipped not only in self defense, but in self-transcendence.   We  seek to live a life of Knighthood and Nobility, in everything we do.

We are CrossSwords Combat Academy.
We train the CrossSwords Way.

You are invited

to come


Sharpen Your Soul.