Through Samurai & Knightly Sword arts, we empower Teens to transform their lives. 

This is
The CrossSwords Way

Our young knights train medieval swordsmanship – not modern sport fencing, but real old-school sword fighting across a range of weapons: from the longsword to the katana, and the quarter staff to the nunchaku.  It is our goal to be legendary, like warriors of old.  That means, we also focus within.
It is our belief that every teen (and every adult) thrive off goals.  At CrossSwords, throughout the process of training our bodies in swordsmanship, we also engage in training our minds.  Through approaching philosophy, religion, and ethics in a similar way to the Sword, students train the expansion of their mental faculties right alongside their martial arts. 

What a CrossSwords Black Belt (a Knight) looks like: is a man or woman of heroic confidence, gracious humility, zealous virtue, and strength of character.  Hence, the way to Knighthood is not only in steel, nor only in thought, but the whole self.  


That’s what CrossSwords is all about: sword fighting & good conversations.  

Sharpen your soul.