CrossSwords Combat Academy members are placed into one of our school’s 3 Houses. Their names are House Wisdom, House Virtue, and House Ardent. During our seasons of competition, these tightly-knit groups of students bring an added element of challenge and exercise to CrossSwords training.

The House of Reason & Intellect.

The House of Action & Duty.
The House of Passion & Belief.

However, the true purpose of our triad of houses, are to provide students a starting point for their journey toward Knighthood. We believe that the Knight is embodied in the key aspect of Nobility — we understand this nobility of soul to be a sublime principle at the center of three wings: wisdom of thought, virtue of action, and ardency of belief.

Through House, our members obtain a self-discovery and community, which enables eventual self-transcendence and growth. Students move circularly from their core innate attributes, through and into those more challenging (and less innate), until reaching Knighthood: the vision of themselves that embodies all 3 aspects nobility.

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