Students of the CrossSwords Way embody a multi-dimensionality of training. The core program of CrossSwords looks at the Spirit (mentorship, life coaching, goal setting, and personal development), at the Sword (training the CrossSwords Battle School style of Weapons and Swordsmanship), and Strength (CrossSwords Knights must also demonstrate competence in hand-to-hand combatives of self defense martial arts). Together the whole Soul comes into view, through a process of sharpening that is called: The CrossSwords Way.

For these reasons, Students pursuing a true and full CrossSwords Black Belt (Knighthood), are certified in three capacities: the GOADS (Goal Orientation & Aptitude Development of Soul Program), the SC-MCT (street-certified martial combat technician program), as well as the C.A.W.S. (Cruciform Arts of Weapons & Swordsmanship).
Other members however, wishing to achieve a Black Belt level of competence in one of these three capacities may train them in isolation for their own personal betterment, customized for their lives’ needs.

To read more about each of these three program-wings within the Battle School, please select from the drop down menus above!

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