The Way of Nobility

Students of the CrossSwords Way embody a triform dimensionality of training.

Swordsmanship (a neat fusion of contemporary sword and medieval weapons martial arts: katanas, longswords, knife & short blade work, bo-staff, pole arms, stick fighting, and countless others)
Self-Defense (developing competencies in hand-to-hand arts through boxing, kickboxing, grappling, and physical endurance), and
Philosophy (training in elements of nobility:  virtue of action, wisdom of thought, and ardent conviction, through discussions of what constitutes living out the good, the true, and the beautiful.)

What a CrossSwords Black Belt (a Knight) looks like: is a man or woman of heroism, grace, humility, conviction, and integrity.  The way to this kind of Knighthood is not only in steel or in spirit but with the whole self: the whole soul. For these reasons, a full CrossSwords Black Belt represents an individual who is certified in all 3 disciplines of our school. For more on each of these three disciplines, read on.

The 3 Disciplines of the Academy


a CrossSwords discussion session

Cultivating an Awareness of Nobility

  • The ultimate goal of our academy is to train its students in the arts of nobility. While martial training does this indirectly, it is through our dialectical methods (good conversations) which we bring these truths to the forefronts of our brains, understand them in new ways, and learn how to best apply them throughout our lives. While many martial arts schools may discuss behavioral virtues by a platitudinal format, CrossSwords is a school of Philosophy as a primary focus of its mission. All students are students of life and of being, as much as students of the sword.
    (Accordingly, members train the development of Soul through: mindfulness meditation, empathetic awareness, mind-body union, goal orientation, and temperance of virtuous aptitudes. Through approaching philosophy, theology, and ethics in a similar way to the Sword, students train the expansion of their cognitive-emotional-relational faculties as the central mark of their progression.)
  • Students ranks and progression are marked by seasons of being poured into by a teacher (discipleship), coming alongside others in practice and communion (fellowship), and finally turning back to take on an apprentice of their own and pass on what they’ve learned (mentorship). In these three arenas, we grow and nurture the whole individual, believing that everyone needs all three of these in order to attain the Knighthood.


self-defense training

Building Real Skills of Physical Preparedness

  • While CrossSwords’ methodology is essentially pacifistic (that is, the understanding that individuals should resolve conflicts non-violently), members train tactile and practical hand-to-hand combat which is valuable for self-defense. Members are equipped with these skills as part of a systematic empowerment, from which they are encouraged and taught to use this power only for the protection of others.


  • Effective Full-Body Striking
    • Powerful Elbows & Hands
    • Integrative Knees, Kicks, & more
  • Structural Competency
    • Movement Principles & Footwork
    • Terrain Awareness & Utilization
    • Stability, Spacing, & Jamming
    • Angling & Counter Attacking
  • Close-Quarters Combat
    • Grappling, Takedowns, Ground Defense
  • Proactive Mental Training
    • Combat Readiness, Aggression Preparedness, Explosive Twitch.
    • Mindfulness Training, Emotional Discipline  
  • and more


a CrossSwords dueling, pictured here with Bokken

Learning the Ancient Arts of the Blade

  • Our Members train a New Way of Swordsmanship – reality-based old-school sword fighting with a unique and novel twist. Our sword method unites many traditions of swordsmanship, form both east and west and everywhere between, to make something completely new. 
  • As an essential part of their Knighthood training, students of the CrossSwords Way learn the disciplines of martial arts weaponry. Swinging swords and Spears around can not only offer great exercise, but allows or members to engage with something tangible and real that is united with traditions ancient, mythic, and of tremendous meaning. It’s also, of course, extremely fun!
  • All Weapons Training incorporates heavy practice (with hardwood training weapons)Sparring and Drilling, Forms & Combative Practice, and eventually graduating into Steel at higher levels.
  • (This is not modern sport fencing – no sir.  With influences from ancient systems across the globe such as Kenjutsu, Armazaré, Escrima, and more, we are modern warriors in a unique style of the complete sword)

The triad of programs form the composition of training for CrossSwords students, and find their nexus in the image of the KNIGHT. The Knight is a complete warrior who is able to wield their bodies as a weapon, but also their weapons as tools for attaining excellence, and has sharpened their whole person on the whetstone of noble responsibility, liberating passion, and creative growth of self.

A CrossSwords Gathering; where members compete in trials of all disciplines
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