Students of the CrossSwords Way embody a triform dimensionality of training.

A Triform Composition

Swordsmanship (a neat fusion of contemporary sword and medieval weapons martial arts: katanas, longswords, knife & short blade work, bo-staff, pole arms, stick fighting, and countless others)
Self-Defense Combat (developing competencies in hand-to-hand arts through boxing, kickboxing, grappling, and physical endurance), and
Soul Coaching (a holistic approach to spiritual mentorship, mindfulness training, and life coaching, the integrates our schools: Principles of Nobility:  which accord with virtue of action, wisdom of thought, and ardent conviction.)

What a CrossSwords Black Belt (a Knight) looks like: is a man or woman of heroic courage, gracious humility, disciplined convictions, and integrity of character.  They are excellent in self-defense, but more importantly excellent in self-transcendence.  Hence, the way to Knighthood is not only in steel or in spirit but with the whole self: the whole soul. For these reasons, a full CrossSwords Black Belt represents an individual who is certified in all 3 wings of our school – a united master of self.

The 3 Wings of the Academy

    Nobility of Being
    • The ultimate goal of our academy is to provide a way for each individual to understand and grow themselves.  We call this holistic self: the Soul. 
      (Accordingly, members train the development of Soul through: mindfulness meditation, empathetic awareness, mind-body union, goal orientation, and temperance of virtuous aptitudes: Adamance with Humility, Transcendent Cause with Eminent Care for others, and Evenness of Mind with Deepened Joy, to name a few. Through approaching philosophy, theology, and ethics in a similar way to the Sword, students train the expansion of their cognitive-emotional-relational faculties as the central mark of their progression.)
     Street-Certified Martial Combat
    • CrossSwords martial art curriculum is likewise unique among hand-to-hand combat systems in its streamlined approach to self-defense.
      (Similar to its swordsmanship, CSC [CrossSwords Street-Certified Combat] unites the common elements of global systems with its own unique foundations to form a new system of “Street-Certified” competencies.  A CrossSwords martial combat platform, learn the best of what Boxing/kickboxing, Muay Thai, JuJitsu, TaeKwonDo, Wing Chun, and various other self-defense disciplines have to offer.)
    Mixed-Medieval Arts of Weapons & Swordsmanship
    • Our Members train a New Way of Swordsmanship – reality based old-school sword fighting with a unique and novel form. 
      (This is not modern sport fencing – no sir.  With influences from ancient systems across the globe such as Kenjutsu, Armazaré, Escrima, and more, we are modern warriors in a unique style of the complete sword)

The triad of programs form the composition of training for CrossSwords students, and find their nexus in the image of the KNIGHT. The Knight is a complete warrior who is able to wield their bodies as a weapon, but also their weapons as tools for attaining excellence, and has sharpened their whole person on the whetstone of noble responsibility, liberating passion, and creative growth of self.


Together the whole Soul comes into view,

through a tempering process of sharpening the self, called: The CrossSwords Way.

That’s what CrossSwords is all about:

sword fighting & good conversations.